Make Your Eyes Pop in just 10 Seconds!

captivating beauty how to make your eyes popDo you have an extra 10 seconds in your day?

Curling eyelashes makes you look younger and causes your eyes to pop and look more alert.

We just did a photo shoot and just about everyone needed their eyelashes curled. The difference was amazing. Just the simple act of curling your lashes will draw your eyelashes upward, and they will appear longer and your eyes will look more open.

These two effects result in a younger looking you. As we age, our features begin to lose that freshness; eyes tend to droop a little bit more and lashes are less then luscious. Using the right makeup to your advantage and knowing the right tools to use can help fool the eye and cheat some years off your face.

In just a few seconds your eyes can go from dull to lively with just the squeeze of a lash curler.


Always curl lashes before primer and mascara otherwise you take a risk of breaking off your eyelashes. For maximum effect you want to get as close to the base as possible without pinching your skin. Clasp down lightly at first to make sure you are where you need to be with the curler. Then firmly hold for a full five seconds. Your goal is to create a beautiful curve, not an L shape kink, so you need to determine and experiment with the lash curler to achieve optimum results. Be sure to release the eyelashes fully before pulling it away from your eye.

It’s important to clean the curler every so often so bacteria is not collecting on it day after day and going into your eye. Just a cotton swab with a bit of witch hazel will do the trick or a quick rinse in soapy water. Just make sure to leave it out to dry in an open position so you don’t get rust.

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