New Website Just About Completed

blog post for 3.16


As you can see Nature’s Genesis is being revamped completely and totally!! Our old website never did function correctly and was built on a dinosaur platform. We either had to shut down Nature’s Genesis or design a totally new website. We are happy to report we went with the later.

We are adding a few new skincare lines and removing  some that did not preform up to our standards. Nature’s Genesis goal is to provide Corrective Skincare for the everyday woman. Skincare that is results driven.

Our makeup line is also being discontinued and we will be bringing in a new line. Tracy has been meeting with some makeup reps and researching a few lines proven for there effectiveness in beauty and health for the skin.

If you have any questions or need to place an order please contact Tracy via the contact page, phone or visit us on facebook at for up to date information, skin care tips, recipes, and anything that pertains to beauty.

Our store will be up and running shortly, but in the mean time please browse our website. New information and items will be added weekly if not daily.

Thank you for being a part of Nature’s Genesis. It really is a privilege and honor to serve you.

Make your day beautiful,



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