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I thought I would start highlighting some of these amazing products Nature’s Genesis carries! Rhonda Allisons skincare products are some of the favorite among my clients and myself. Love her skincare line. Here is one of her products I always have on hand.
Look at all these benefits of the Growth Factor Serum Plus·  
 This is one product I always have on hand    


Strengthens and restores vitality to overly thinned/sensitive skin


It’s a superior cellrenewal complex with added  antioxidants


Aids in tissue regeneration for a more youthful appearance


Increases keratinocyte and fibroblast cell proliferation


Increases blood vessel formation, circulation and promotes healing


strengthens capillary walls to reduce redness as a result of capillary distention


really wonderful if you have broken capillaries


Prevents irritation and inflammation caused by potential irritants


Good for rejuvenation and healing  


Most potent epidermal growth factor boosted with additional antioxidants


Strengthens and thickens the skin


Supports collagen and elastin formation


Great preventative for scar tissue and hyperpigmentation


Airless twist up container


Consistency somewhere between a serum and a gel


Cooling sensation when applied to the skin


If you have any questions or concerns please shoot me an email or give me a call. I am a Licensed Esthetician and skincare care is my passion. You could call me a skincare junkie:)


Make your day Beautiful


Nature’s Genesis

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