Things Brides Regret


Don’t have regrets about your wedding or the planning process! We are here to help you with some of the things you may not have thought of, and to let you know some things brides have had regrets about.

  • Opting for a Cheap Photographer

Even if you’re not that into photos, your wedding is the ONE thing in your life that you can’t recreate or redo. These moments are worth looking back on, and worth the price of a professional photographer. Find someone who has the skill and diligence to capture your day in the most beautiful and memorable way. Make sure you thoroughly look through their website, portfolios, and social media accounts to get a sense of their aesthetic. If you can, ask to look through someone else’s wedding portfolio (with that person’s permission) – you’ll be able to see all of the photos taken and not just the ones that were edited for a website or publication. 

If there are any specific shots you want, make a list and communicate with your photographer! Many brides wish they had given more thought to this before the day-of their wedding because everything happens so quickly and there isn’t much time to think of/remember the poses you want.

  • Not Hiring a Videographer

This seems to be one of those categories that is always on the brink of getting cut from the budget. While it may not be the absolute most important thing, we have heard from SO many brides after the fact, that wish they had hired a videographer. Wedding videography has come a long way from your uncle Bob holding a shaky home video camera… Modern videography is a unique cinematic art form that transforms the memories of your big day into its own mini movie. A lot of videographers even use a drone to get shots of your venue that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Watch some recent wedding videos from local videographers, and you’ll see that its something you don’t want to miss out on!

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  • Not Having Enough Help

Having designated helpers before and during the wedding is essential to your sanity… Trust me, you do not want to feel the need to micromanage on your special day! Whether its friends/bridesmaids helping lick envelopes on your invites, to hiring both a wedding planner and day-of coordinator (ask us, we can help!), or asking your loving, generous younger cousin to be your personal attendant, these are your people and you need them. Click HERE to see our full post about covering your bases and getting the help you need!

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  • Not Eating the Food/Dessert

Not only is it important to nourish your body on this day that requires so much energy, but you should be able to enjoy the effort you put into making a yummy menu for your reception! You are paying a substantial amount of money to feed your guests, and you deserve to enjoy this hard-earned meal. People will be coming up to you during the meal, and you might get swept away to visit with guests, but make sure you are taking care of yourself first. Desserts are an important part of your big day too… Some people don’t even get a piece of their own cake! Have someone in charge of setting a piece aside for you.

  • Incorrect Footwear

Don’t make the mistake of spending money on expensive shoes that will just be taken off after you walk down the aisle… Also, comfort is key! I bought a pair of gorgeous (expensive) flats that were dripping in gems and jewels… I thought that because they were flats they would be comfortable but they ended up giving me horrible blisters after the first 20 minutes of wearing them. Someone had to run out and buy me a product called moleskin to cover my blisters, and I ended up just wearing the sandals I had intended for the reception, the entire day! Those $200 flats looked great in my detail photos, but they never even made it to the aisle… No matter what style of shoe you choose, make sure it’ll last the whole day or have a backup pair to change into, and make sure you give them a few trial runs in your house before the big day. 

Written By: Kaitlyn Lawrey

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