How to get RID of ACNE Quickly and Effectively!

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This is one of my amazing clients that you see above. She was the absolute perfect client, did I say perfect! Yes, she was. She followed everything to a T and was willing to do what was necessary to get results.

She drove 1 hr every week for about 2 months. She charted her daily regime. She took pictures at least 1x a week. She told me how her skin felt, how it looked, what her thoughts were. We worked together and only by working together did we get these results.

We prayed together and asked the Lord for wisdom and guidance on how to proceed and how to bring about her healing.

See, she had tried it all. She had been to a Dermatologist, She had been to the Plastic Surgeon, She had been on 2 doses of Accutane, She was ready to give up and more then anything I wanted to help her. I wanted to see her skin healed.

Everything I mentioned above worked for a while, but then would return again in full force. 

To be honest, even now, she has to remain faithful with her vitamins and with her skincare regime. If she does not, the acne returns with a vengeance.

Yet, she has never had these kind of results for so long of a time and she has never had her cystics reduced without injections.

I would say the Lord answers prayer, but it also took the both of us doing our part. Without each other and without working together this wouldn’t have worked.

In all seriousness, I’ve let some women go who didn’t want to take the time to invest in themselves and who were not committed to the time and effort that it takes to bring the change to their skin. 

Today, most every case of acne can be resolved with proper homecare and working closely with your Licensed Esthetician.  

I’m starting a series of blogs regarding acne.  About 80% of people deal with acne in some form or another and if we can provide some healing and hope we are on it 100%.

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