Airbrush Makeup for Weddings in Brainerd MN

bridal makeup in brainerd mnThis year has been different then our last few years of doing bridal makeup and hair in the Brainerd Lakes. For starters we’ve more then doubled our brides (which we’ve loved) and we’ve had a lot more trial runs for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride & groom. It’s been so much fun and everyone has loved to be pampered.airbrush-makeup-in-brainerd-mn-with-bride-at-grandview-lodgeEveryone knows airbrush makeup provides a flawless look for pictures, which is why it is one of our most popular wedding services. 

We provide a customized timeless look that fits your unique style. Please keep in mind we are stressing timeless and classic. Trendy makeup colors and styles will date your wedding pictures like none other in the following months and years to come. Do you remember looking at all the old photos from your aunts and uncles wedding…those were the days:)

Our job as makeup artists are to play up your best features. Personally eyes are my favorite feature to play up and help make those baby blues pop…or green….or brown…or hazel… I’ve had more compliments from brides on how much they love their eyes. We are even doing a a few makeup classes for some of our brides and their bridal party because they loved their wedding makeup and especially their eyes.….

Developing the right look for you will consist of finding out the colors of the wedding, bridesmaid dresses and flowers. We steer away from colors that will clash with your wedding colors…and use color palates that will flow together and compliment the bride to the fullest.  


Your look will be perfectly planned from lips to lashes.

Typically brides plan 1 1/2 hrs for their trial runs.


We also can conceal little blemishes with our airbrush works perfectly…

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