Bridal Skincare Tips for Acne

bohemian makeupThis article was featured on Your Fairytale Awaits a local virtual wedding planner where I am part owner. For all you brides who are getting married in the Brainerd MN Lakes area…we have some great resources and more are added weekly.

Today we are going to get some expert bridal skincare advice from Tracy who is a licensed Esthetician and a wedding makeup artist in the Brainerd Lakes Region.

She has a love for healthy skin and will be sharing her skincare knowledge with us to help brides achieve beautiful, radiant skin before their wedding.

She is answering some of the top questions and concerns about acne that she hears from brides and also what she has seen up close and personal.
bridal skincare tips in brainerd mnBride
: Help, my skin just broke out.  I went to the local skincare counter/drug store and purchased some acne products  and now my skin is even worse.  What should I do?


  • The moment you start to feel a breakout – ice immediately. 2-4x a day ice for 2 minutes in circular motion.Similar to icing an injury, ice helps reduce the inflammation of acne lesions which prevents them from getting worse and often can make them go away.
  • Take supplements: zinc monomethionine, probiotics and fish oils these are shown to help reduce acne and decrease inflammation
  • Keep your skin HYDRATED not just by drinking water internally but by using Pure HA and/or a moisturizer. Acne needs hydration to heal!
  • Use fragrance-free detergents such as Cheer Free, All Free & Clear, Tide Free or Arm & Hammer

Don’t: Please don’t make the local drug store your first stop. Most over the counter acne products have pore clogging ingredients and can actually make acne worse and cause major dehydration to the skin which in turn causes your bridal makeup to look dry and scaley.

  • Steer clear of shellfish, shrimp, crab, and lobster which are high in iodine and can lead to clogged pores and acne.
  • No Dairy, soy or whey!
  • No Supplements containing biotin or iodide which can contribute to acne
  • Stay away from “high androgen” foods. These are found in peanuts, peanut oil, peanut butter, corn oil, wheat germ.

Remember good skin is the canvas for beautiful wedding makeup.

Tips: There are so many reasons why breakouts occur and especially with the stress that occurs from both internal and external factors.  Consult with an Licensed Esthetician first and foremost. Remember over the counter skincare products can only beautify they cannot correct your skin. Professional skincare products have much higher percentages of active skincare ingredients and can bring correction and change to your skin.

For more information check out the Captivating-Beauty website

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