Can Exfoliator’s tear your Skin?

Did you know?

Many drugstore “exfoliating scrubs” contain harsh particles such as walnut shells or polyethylene micro beads (polyethylene is the same substance that single-use shopping bags are made from). ingredients found in drug store exfolianats

These “exfoliating beads”

can cause microscopic tears in the skin, as their surfaces are often jagged.

Skin Script prefers to use jojoba beads, which are found in the 2% Retinol Exfoliating Scrub. Jojoba beads are round and polish the skin, providing gentle yet effective exfoliation… even for sensitive skin types

Skin Scripts has the very best Retinol Scrub on the market in my humble opinion. I absolutely love this stuff and everyone else does too who has purchased this transforming facial scrub.


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