Happy Thanksgiving – Exciting News

Captivating-Beauty Happy ThanksgivingI just wanted to write a quick little update for you all! We have some exciting news coming up next week…so please check back in..

Also winter has finally arrived and with that drier air which equals drier skin…here is one simple free thing you can do that will help tremendously ….use a crock-pot. I have a crock-pot right on my night side and that baby is on 24/7. We’ve had some people laugh when they see all the crock-pots in our bedrooms, but I tell you what it makes such a huge difference in our skin. You could even add some EO’s if you’re so inclined.

For all you brides who have been thinking of booking with us… please do so… we have been crazy busy booking appointments for next year already, so please don’t hesitate if you plan on booking with Captivating-Beauty! We already have some dates double-booked and some even tripled-booked..thankfully we have quite the team of wedding day hair and airbrush makeup experts..where we have been able to service all our brides thus far:)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving….and thank you for being a part of Captivating-Beauty




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