New Skincare Product for Dry Skin (plus many other uses)

jojoba oil captivating-beautyWe are super excited to be adding pure Jojoba oil to our line of healthy skincare products. Did you know Jojoba oil is not really an oil, but a liquid wax ester?

For those of you who love healthy skin and more importantly are concerned with what you put on your skin….this is for you.

Here are the many benefits of using Jojoba Oil on your face:

  • non-comedogenic
  • non-allergenic
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • restores suppleness
  • prevents dryness
  • alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols found in jojoba are all forms of Vitamin E, which eliminate free radicals
  • add a drop or two into your moisturizer
  • makeup remover
  • keep it in your shower and use as a body lotion/oil for moisturizer
  • clean and condition your makeup brushes
  • Oil Cleansing Method Click here to find out more about this
  • men’s beards for conditioning

This is coming in at the perfect time…chase dry dehydrated skin away with Jojoba oil .

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Captivating-Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

Wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

There is nothing more beautiful then a Fall Wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa,  MN and so beautifully captured by Eyenoticed from Fargo ND. Alysa, the bride, wanted a natural look which she pulled off gorgeously. She also had eyelash extensions. If we could have our way every bride would have these. Nothing sets of eyes better or photographs so well as eyelash extensions. We applied a very natural contoured eye with a touch of winged-eyeliner. Her up-do was so romantic with loose curls pinned up to form around her pretty face. We will have more photos coming soon of her wedding. These are just a little teaser.

Destination Wedding in Brainerd MN

Grandview Lodge

Fall Wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

We started out with a cloudy day and the sun broke out just in time for their wedding vows.

Captivating-Beauty at Grandview Lodge Nisswa MN

This photo is priceless. If we have our story right her wedding veil was crafted from part of her Mom’s veil. Her mom passed away a few years ago….so this photo is extra special. We love how Eyenoticed captured this moment.

Wedding Venue: Grandview Lodge

Wedding Photographer: Eyenoticed

On Site Wedding Day Hair and Airbrushed Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

Grandview Lodge Wedding with Captivating-Beauty

Joan brochman photography Grandview Lodge

Wow, what a perfect day for a Fall Wedding held at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN with Joan Brochman Photography.  Captivating-Beauty had so much fun with Rona, her sister and mom.  Her family flew in from Israel and of course we had to try and learn a few Hebrew words, but again that didn’t pan out to well…lol…

She was one beautiful bride who chose to get married in the Brainerd Lakes Area…we couldn’t agree with her more…MN is so perfect for a Fall Wedding.

Grandview Lodge Summer Wedding with Captivating-Beauty

Captivating-Beauty at Grandview for Late Summer Wedding

Captivating-Beauty Summer Wedding at Grandview Lodge

Venue: Grandview Lodge

Wedding Day Hair and Airbrush Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

Photography: Brochman Photography

Captivating Beauty at Pine Peaks Event Center


Abbey's Wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center

Another wonderful late summer wedding held at Pine Peaks Event Center in Cross Lake MN with Tim Larsen an amazing wedding photographer in the Brainerd Lakes area capturing all of these precious moments.

Our bride was such a delight to work with and she couldn’t have been more happy….

“I was so happy with everything you two did for us!  I wish I could have my make up done every day 😉 You were a true joy to work with.”

captivating-beauty bridal makeup at pine peaks event center

Aren’t these bouquets beautiful?

captivating-beauty applying makeup at pine peaks retreat center

Prepping her skin for a full-day of wedding activities …we do much more then apply makeup….we prep the skin according to skin type and condition and also use an amazing setting spray to make sure that makeup is not going anywhere…

We LOVE our Captivating-Beauty t-shirts..too

captivating-beauty wedding airbrush makeup at pine peaks event center

All of our destination brides love airbrush makeup…’s the only way to go…and wedding photographers agree wholeheartedly.

captivating-beauty at Pine Peaks summer wedding

Beautiful bridesmaids…love their dresses

captivating-beauty bridal makeup and hair

We wish you could see her tattoo a little better…She has a clock with the date and time of their is pretty sweet…..

captivating beauty brainerd wedding airbrush makeup

Look at the love they have for each other…marriage is a beautiful thing!

thank you note fron bride for captivating-beauty

This is why we do what we do….



Wedding Venue: Pine Peaks Event Center

Photographer: Tim Larsen

Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

Bridal Skincare Tips!

beautiful skin for bride before her wedding dayBeautiful Skin for Brides….in the Brainerd Lakes… The more time you have to prepare, the better the results, but if you only have one week to go until the big day…we can still help.

We know that brides and all those in the bridal party have a lot on their plate before the big day and because of that some of the smaller details, but yet very important details can be forgotten. One of those is your skin.  Again we have seen a lot of “skin” and not all has been in great shape. We’ve worked with bridal parties where their skin is so dry and damaged that you could literally pick it off their face.

Sorry for this little rant…but cleansing your skin with bar soap is a big no no….a person might be able to get a way with it for a while, but it will catch up…I’ve seen so many clients who use bar soap and their skin is so very dry…it literally strips your skin of any oil and wrecks your protective skin barrier. Professional cleansers are very in expensive and will not wreck your skin and are so worth the investment.

Makeup can not nor will not look good on dry dehydrated skin. 

We can apply hydrating serums and all the right products on your wedding day, but a one time deal will not take away the look and feel of dehydrated unhealthy skin and makeup will not adhere nor will it look good.

The best place to start is by exfoliating your skin with products you find here. The next step is to treat your skin with serums. Serums are the best bridal skincare products you can use because they are such concentrated nutrition and health for your skin. Following up with a moisturizer for your skin type will have your skin in perfect condition for your wedding day and wedding pictures. 

Better yet come in and receive a facial treatment once a month leading up to your wedding day to ensure that your skin is picture perfect. Treatments not only remove dead skin, but will also help other skincare products to sink into your skin and correct any damage.

Implementing great skin care and other Esthetic services into your wedding planning is vital before leading up to the  “I do.”

Credits: butterflylaserclinic, Pinterest