Why Priia Cosmetics?

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The art of creating pure wholesome acne safe cosmetics….all made for you with love…by Kelley from Priia Cosmetics.

  1. First, PRIIA manufactures ALL of its cosmetic products (except brushes) BY HAND. Unlike many other companies, we do not buy products from giant cosmetic labs and stock pile them. We do not have automated production lines. Do we have professional equipment to help us? Yes, of course. We’re not using mortars and pestles🙂  However, hand-crafting these products is an ART form and it’s laborious. It takes time, patience and skill to get them to look like they’ve come off of an assembly line. PRIIA’s products will remain a hand-crafted product no matter how much we grow. I NEVER want to turn into a giant cosmetics conglomerate. If that means I have to hire 100 people to hand-pour concealers for you, then so be it. Makeup that won't clog pores
  2. Hand-crafting products that are not only 100% acne-safe but also natural means that we are limited to the ingredients we can use. This means we may NEVER have some of the fancier-type of cosmetic products on the market or some of the colors they typically have (i.e. bright reds, etc.). I’m OK with that and I won’t ever compromise my formulating philosophy no matter how many people ask me for a ‘true red’ lipstick or silicone-based primer.
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  3. We make smaller batches (50-100pcs) in order to ensure quality control. Most cosmetics labs make thousands of pieces at a time and then they go and sit in a warehouse until the product is ordered. We don’t do this. You can bet that the products you are receiving from us were just made within 3-5 days or less of placing your order.

We here at Captivating-Beauty love Priia cosmetics. This makeup line is one of the most amazing cosmetic lines that we’ve had the privilege of offering our clients and that we’ve personally used and will continue to use.

It’s pure, it stays on all………day, it’s 100% acne safe, it’s for all ethnicity’s, it offers amazing high pigmented colors and it’s beautiful.

Thank you Kelley for offering this high quality line for all of us makeup lovers to enjoy

Make Your Day BEAUTIFUL!


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