Why Vit C?

It is no secret that vitamin c has some incredible anti-aging benefits. Here are a few reasons why everyone can benefit from including vitamin C in your daily skincare routine: 


1) Reduces wrinkle depth and repairs collagen: 

2) Brightens and tones tissue: 

3) Anti-Aging: Taking vitamin C through a supplement or food is beneficial to your health, but to specifically target signs of aging on your face, topical vitamin C is best. In fact, applying vitamin C to the skin can be 20 times more effective than taking it orally.

This little Image Skincare trial pack is perfect for those who would like to test the products before purchasing the larger sizes.

Remember no one can offer Image skincare on line. You can only purchase it from a Licensed Esthetician like myself.

I’m totally loving this line of products.


Make your day Beautiful!



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