Aging Skin and Peptides?

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Peptides are proteins composed of amino acids and are naturally found in the skin. As we age there is a natural decline of peptides as there are with other vital nutrients found within our skin.

The reason why we are hearing so much about peptides is because they encourage the production of collagen and elastin that help maintain healthy skin cells.

Peptides actually prompt the body to produce more collagen and tell the cells to repair themselves and to function properly. They are the building blocks and one of the lifelines for beautiful skin.

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Within time you should notice your skin changing. It will become brighter, tighter, plumper and smoother  because of the increase in collagen production.

Remember this is not a drive through type of product. It will take time anywhere from 1 to 2 months to see the changes within your skin.


Facial treatments also stimulate collagen which is why they are top priority for younger looking skin.

Here are some of the products that we carry that are loaded with peptides:



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