The Best All Natural Moisturizers

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We thought we would share a  testimony of one of our customers. It always fun to hear what others are saying about the products and also introduce a new amazing moisturizer we are carrying.  This stuff rocks!

Here are the ingredients:

All Amazing: All Pure: All Natural:

Aloe Vera: 30% smoothes and softens skin. Helps to lock in moisture, reduce age spots and aid in cell regeneration. Has little beneficial effect however, unless added in significant amounts. For this reason, aloe vera ranks first in volume among our ingredients.

Emu oil: (18%) Other products made with emu oil actually carry just 1-10% of this amazing ingredient. It’s very similar to human skin oil and hypoallergenic. Emu oil carries the other nutrients deep into the skin where they’re most useful. Rich in vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids.

Matrixyl 3000: (10%) Powerful combination of two peptides. Stimulates collagen and provides significant reduction in wrinkle depth and volume.

Dermaxyl: (10%) Bio-active lipid agent (ceramide 2) which increases the water holding capacity of skin . Keeps skin moist and plump.

Shea butter: Evens out skin tone and improves elasticity. Good source of vitamins A, E and F.

Green tea extract: Has 20 times the anti-oxidant effect of vitamin E and well-documented benefits of sun protection.

Jojoba oil: Helps to balance skin’s natural oil production and prevent breakouts. Contains copper, zinc and complex vitamins.

Virgin coconut oil: Helps to repair skin damage and strengthen tissue.

Castor oil: Reduces age spots, contains ricinoleic acid which inhibits many viruses and bacteria (great for acne). Increases circulation.

A Wonderful, moisturizing product. You will love this stuff.

I am sold on a moisturizer that delivers moisture to the face that doesn’t feel dry and tight an hour after you apply it even in the driest of cold Minnesota winters. Also,natural products that have ingredients that are derived from plants, herbs etc…not man-made I re-order simply because of the fact that I haven’t found anything else out there that compares to that level of moisturizing I’ve found in these products

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