Springtime Beauty!

 strawberry shortcake facialSpring time is here and we have the warm beautiful sunshine to prove it!!

There is nothing like spring weather to spur us on a little harder to get our bodies in shape and our skin prepped and ready for the change of season.

One of the first things to do is go through your skin care cabinet and start your spring cleaning. I remember every spring time you would find all of us kids and our mom spring cleaning the house, washing down walls, cleaning closets, switching out our clothes, raking the yard, planting our huge garden and a fresh batch of little chicks and newborn calves arriving on the seen. The promise of new life was felt and seen everywhere.

This is what our skin feels. It feels the need to start shedding off the old and bringing on the new. Our skin routine needs to change.  It’s time to get rid of the heavy winter moisturizers and bring on the light refreshing new ones and the sun protecting serums. Now is the perfect time to start using antioxidants.

Antioxidants are one of our skin’s most powerful weapons against aging and free radicals. Without the power of these protectants the skin is wide open to sun damage.

Your skin will love the new routine and just in time for spring!


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