The Beauty of Priia 100% Acne Safe Makeup

Winter Beauty with Priia @ Nature's Genesis


Testimony’s are coming in right and left over this makeup line…here are a few…

Love your foundation!! Please don\’t ever stop making it, or the shades they come in.  Used to be strictly Youngblood for full coverage, but your stuff is far superior, without the ashey, muddled and high sheen appearance that Youngblood was giving me. I think their formulation has changed over the years, sadly. Please don\’t compromise your formulas!!!  Side note – love my foundation application brush I ordered from you – did not realize how awful a brush I was using until I felt the extreme difference in softness and gentleness in the brush you offer. Thanks for providing such awesome products, truly!

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Amazing product, terrific price

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Mother about her daughter – My daughter told me after an 12 hr day with it on, she felt like she still looked fresh and she did not itch! She never put the itching with bare minerals or Youngblood loose minerals link together until I asked when she was sweating, if she itched. She replied with a shocked “NO”! Is that why? !

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17 yr old, leave saying she was obsessed with the mineral foundation.

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This is the only Acne Safe makeup on the market…..and it’s long lasting…ladies are loving how their skin looks and feels…


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