What is a Glycolic Peel?

glycolic peel what is it

What is a Glycolic Acid Peel?

Glycolic acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which naturally occurs in sugar cane, it has the smallest molecular size of all the AHA’s allowing it to better penetrate the skin.

It is applied to the skin in various strengths ranging from 20-70% for varying time frames depending on the desired result and skins response loosing the thickened surface layers of the skin that appear dry, rough,and scaly.

Personally, I only use  30% on my clients. With a series of 6-12 treatments skin is remarkably healthier and younger looking.

What are the advantages of having a series of glycolic peels?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Helps to break down the cross linkages between aging skin cells
  • Speeds up the cell turn over rate
  • Helps stimulate collagen production and other skin molecules to produce plumper, more even skin
  • Rejuvenated skin has a more youthful glowing appearance
  • Fine lines may be reduced
  • Age spots lightened
  • General pigmentation problems may be reduced
  • Large pores become less prominent
  • Texture is greatly improved
  • Fantastic for acne

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